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"We don't lay money just for the "action", we lay out money to make more money. We are not afraid to invest when we find plenty of value, and we are not afraid to pass when betting value is limited "


10 Tips based on Asian Handicap
Release in within 10 to 15 days
Maximum 1 tip per day
2x replacement for losing tip
1x replacement for draw
100% genuine track records
Minimum 8 hours to place bet

10 Tips / $980

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World class professional tipster

TipsterConnect is a website that let all the worldclass tipster to gather to promo their services. We will only maintain top 3 tipsters, that filtered to be to most accurate.

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Track records proven genuine

Every single tip release in the website of tipsterconnect had go thru a monitoring company to ensure all records is proven genuine. You will click the link below to visit our profile page

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What's made today TipsterConnect

We are a firm of sports betting investors with over 100 years of combined experience in handicapping football. Investing in sporting events is all we do to earn a living. Our team of handicappers includes expert statisticians, professional gamblers, former bookmakers, and former stock brokers from all over the world and all had go thru a filtering to ensure they are the best.

We've turned a profit from our own sports betting analysis, year in and year out, since 1993. And now, you can too. After nearly two decades of financial success from our own analysis, we finally offered our handicapping services to the betting public in 2012. Best of all, since we're already earning from our own investments, we can afford to offer our sports picks at the fairest market prices on the internet. With our sports service, you benefit two-fold; by earning from our high winning percentages and by saving with our low prices.

Our promise to our clients is to continue to work hard, and to always remain honest. You will never catch us using any of the bogus terms that other services use to try to fool people, such as a "lock" or "inside information". That is all nonsense. But what you will find is that, over time, we always win more than we lose. If you're ready to stop wasting valuable time and start making consistent money with some real handicappers, you're in the right place.

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